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Kebab World Cooking Game Chef 1.14.0 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) For Android

Kebab World Cooking Game Chef 1.14.0 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) for android

Kebab World - Cooking Game Chef is a fun and addictive cooking game that lets you experience the thrill of running your own Turkish restaurant. You can download the latest version of the game from [here], which has unlimited money and other features to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

In this game, you have to prepare delicious kebabs and other dishes for your hungry customers, using authentic ingredients and recipes. You can choose from different types of meat, bread, sauces, vegetables, and more, and customize your orders according to your customers' preferences. You have to be fast and efficient, as you have to serve as many customers as possible before they get angry and leave.

Download File:

The game has many levels and challenges to keep you entertained, as you unlock new restaurants, ingredients, recipes, and upgrades. You can also decorate your restaurants with various items and accessories, and earn tips and rewards for your service. The game has realistic graphics and sounds, as well as easy and intuitive controls.

If you love cooking games and Turkish cuisine, then you should definitely try Kebab World - Cooking Game Chef. It is a fun and satisfying game that will make you feel like a real chef. Download it now and enjoy!


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