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MKSAP 17 Hematology And Oncology Book Pdf

MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology Book PDF

MKSAP (Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program) is a series of books and online resources that help physicians prepare for board certification and recertification exams in internal medicine. The MKSAP 17 edition was published in 2016 and covers 11 topics of internal medicine, including hematology and oncology. In this article, we will review the content and features of the MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book, as well as some of the online resources that accompany it.


Content of the MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology Book

The MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book consists of 149 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that test the knowledge and clinical reasoning skills of internists and subspecialists in hematology and oncology. The questions are based on the latest evidence and guidelines, and cover a wide range of topics, such as hematopoietic stem cell disorders, multiple myeloma, bleeding disorders, hematologic issues in pregnancy, breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoid malignancies, melanoma, and more. The questions are followed by detailed explanations and references that provide the rationale for the correct and incorrect answers, as well as additional information on the topic. The book also contains high-value care (HVC) recommendations that highlight the balance between clinical benefit, costs, and harms of various interventions. The book also features hospitalist-focused content and questions that address the specific needs of internists who work in the hospital setting.

Features of the MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology Book

The MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book is designed to facilitate learning and self-assessment. The book has several features that enhance its usability and effectiveness, such as:

  • A table of contents that lists the main topics and subtopics covered by the questions.

  • A pretest that helps identify areas of strength and weakness before starting the book.

  • A color-coded answer key that indicates the correct answer, the HVC recommendation, and the hospitalist-focused content for each question.

  • A comprehensive index that allows easy access to specific topics or terms.

  • A user-friendly format that allows ample space for notes and annotations.

Online Resources for the MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology Book

The MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book is part of the MKSAP 17 digital learning system that offers additional online resources to complement the book. Some of these resources are:

  • An online version of the book that allows access to the questions and explanations from any device with an internet connection.

  • Regular text updates that provide practice-changing new information on hematology and oncology topics.

  • 200 new self-assessment questions that are added periodically to reflect the latest developments in hematology and oncology.

  • Enhanced custom-quiz options that allow creating personalized quizzes based on topic, difficulty level, or mode (study or exam).

  • 1200 electronic flashcards that provide quick review of important concepts in hematology and oncology.

  • A virtual Dx tool that presents image-based cases with clinical scenarios and questions.

  • A CME certificate that documents the completion of the book and the online activities.


The MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book is a valuable resource for physicians who want to update their knowledge and skills in hematology and oncology. The book provides a comprehensive review of the most relevant topics in hematology and oncology, with high-quality questions, explanations, references, and recommendations. The book is also part of a digital learning system that offers additional online resources to enhance learning and self-assessment. The MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology book is available in PDF format from various sources on the internet . However, it is recommended to purchase the original book from the American College of Physicians website to support the authors and access all the online features.


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